Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to post?
  2. How to create a post?
  3. How to reply to a post?
  4. How to edit or delete a post?
  5. How to upload/include a picture?
  6. user accounts
  7. What is a saved search?
  8. What is a flag and why flag a seller?
  9. What does it mean to follow a seller and why follow a seller?
  10. How to advertise with
  11. Problems with sizing?
  1. How much does it cost to post?
    1. All posts are free, enjoy!
  2. How to create a post?
    1. Register a free account – (
    2. Click on the activation link sent to your designated email address
    3. Type in your password and you're ready to post
    4. Enter in a description of the item
    5. All fields are required
    6. Step 1. Choose your location
    7. Step 2. Choose a category
    8. Step 3. Choose your Gender
    9. Step 4. Choose the type of category
    10. Step 5. Input size (if size option is not available please choose closest option) – include hyperlink
    11. Step 6. Enter a description. Enter all details and information that you would like buyers to see. The better the description the faster and easier it will sell.
    12. Step 7. Upload/include a picture (required)
    13. Step 8. Press the submit button. At this point you can review, preview or just directly submit.
    14. Your post will be made available immediately.
  3. How to reply to a post?
    1. Your name and phone number will be optional.
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Write the seller a message about the product you're interested and an email will be sent directly to them.
    4. Your email address will automatically be viewable by the seller
  4. How to edit or delete a post?
    1. Log into your account
    2. From that page you can relist, edit, delete or mark your item as sold
  5. How to upload/include a picture?
    1. You can add up to four images
    2. One image is mandatory for each posting
    3. Please click on the browse button and search within your computer for your desired picture(s)
    4. Click continue and your picture will be added.
    5. You will be able to see a thumbnail of your picture next to the link.
  6. Shopmyclothes user accounts
    1. User accounts allow you to post, edit and delete clothes and accessories on the website
    2. Allows you to save your searches
    3. Flag and Follow users
  7. What is a saved search?
    1. This is an item that you frequently search. Instead of having to search on a daily basis, SMC's saved search function allows you to receive updates daily or weekly if a seller has posted an item that matches your description.
  8. What is a flag and why flag a seller?
    1. A flag is a method of controlling illegal behaviour or acts that are contrary to the terms of use as defined by
    2. A user can flag a seller for spam, inaccurate descriptions, illegal behaviour, inappropriate language and material and negative buying/selling experiences.
    3. All flags are sent directly to the administrator and the seller is given the chance to post one response to their flaggers.
    4. Flags can be removed at the discretion of the administrator
    5. You must have an account to flag a seller
    6. Flags are created to help police the community and ensure a fluid and positive buying and selling user experience.
  9. What does it mean to follow a seller and why follow a seller?
    1. Following a seller allows you to save this seller and follow him or her in your profile.
    2. Sellers you follow will be made available in your "my profile" page under the "Sellers You're Following" tab. In this tab, you will be able to access the seller's items and maintain a running watch on their inventory.
    3. Following a seller will usually carry inventory that you like or is a similar fit. Further, it could be a seller that you have had a positive experience with in the past and would like to connect with them again in the future with additional requests.
    4. Following a seller ensures that you keep track of positive experiences and demonstrates to the SMC community that this is a trusted seller and someone good to deal with.
  10. Problems with sizing?
    1. In some instances shopmyclothes will not have an exact size that coincides with your product. In instances such as these, please select the closest option or one that is of a viable comparison. If you do encounter a situation such as this, we recommend that you indicate the actual size within the description of the post to better service both the buyer and seller with accurate information. We are constantly trying to improve on things but as you may be aware every brand has different size options and it is therefore difficult to ensure that each and everyone one is available without overwhelming the customer. Thanks for your patience!